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Newnan Wrongful Death Attorney Represents Grieving Families

Compassionate counsel for justice and closure

There are no events more heart-breaking than the tragic death of a loved one. If you’ve suffered a death in the family because of someone’s negligent, reckless or deliberate act or omission, the loss can seem overwhelming. For more than 15 years, The Law Office of S. Mark Mitchell, LLC has pursued just compensation for survivors of wrongful death victims. I thoroughly investigate the circumstances, consult experts to solidify the case and vigorously pursue the results you and your family deserve.

How wrongful death claims work in Georgia

Wrongful death claims fall into two categories.

The first category of claim seeks compensation for the “full value of the life” of the decedent, taking into account:

  • Intangible damages — These relate to the joys, satisfactions, enjoyments and pleasures of life, including hobbies, professional pursuits and relationships with loved ones.
  • Tangible damages — This is the economic value of the decedent’s life based on his or her expected earnings projected over the course of a normal lifetime.

Both of these types of damages require analysis which is somewhat subjective. I consult with qualified experts to create a thorough and credible point-by-point presentation that supports your demand for full value.

The second category of claim allows recovery for losses similar to those in a personal injury case. They include the decedent’s medical bills and pain and suffering as well as funeral and burial expenses and other out-of-pocket costs. Punitive damages may also be awarded in egregious circumstances.

A wrongful death action may be brought by a surviving spouse or child. If neither exists, a surviving parent or the personal representative of the deceased’s estate may bring the claim. As with personal injury claims, a Georgia wrongful death claim is subject to a two-year statute of limitations.

Claims of medical malpractice leading to wrongful death

A groundbreaking study by researchers at Johns Hopkins suggests that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. If you believe your loved one’s death was due to medical malpractice, you must retain an attorney who has experience proving how surgical and medical errors can be fatal.

Wrongful death cases based on medical malpractice require detailed investigation and analysis by experts who understand the applicable treatment and surgical protocols. I have a network of established experts who provide highly professional reports and testify impressively in court. You can have every confidence that I will pursue your wrongful death claim vigorously and professionally with a view toward delivering the results you and your loved one deserve.

Contact a dedicated attorney in Newnan for your wrongful death claim

Wrongful death cases cry out for justice, but making a case effectively in Georgia requires highly skilled and knowledgeable representation. At The Law Office of S. Mark Mitchell, LLC in Newnan,  you’ll find a compassionate counselor as well as a determined advocate. To schedule a consultation, call 470-344-8550 or contact me online.