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Georgia Family Awarded $1.8 Million After Mother Dies in Nursing Home

A nursing home in Tucker, Georgia was ordered to pay $1.8 million to the estate of a woman who died a month after a nursing home aide accidently rolled her off a bed, causing her to fall and suffer a brain injury. Though the DeKalb County jury found that the nursing home was not responsible for the woman’s death, which was due to the health issues she had even before the brain injury, the May 2019 verdict reflected the jury’s recognition of the pain and suffering she experienced before she passed away.

Families trust nursing homes to take care of their loved ones, and these facilities owe a duty of care to their patients. When aides or other staff members fail to follow proper protocol, or if the protocol is inadequate to begin with, the nursing home may be liable for injuries that result. In the case of the Tucker nursing home, the facility’s protocol required two aides to handle changing sheets for a bed occupied by a patient. Yet, only one aide was present when the accident occurred. The facility admitted its own liability in causing the woman’s head trauma.

Georgia’s Bill of Rights for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities exists to help protect vulnerable and elderly people who need the assistance of caregivers. Nursing homes that violate the rights of residents can face civil penalties imposed by the state, and also allow the possibility of being sued for damages by victims and their families.

Unfortunately, there are many ways in which long-term care facilities can let down the people who rely on them. Overcrowded or understaffed establishments can result in individual residents being overlooked or treated carelessly. Falls, bedsores, dehydration and the improper administration of medication are just a few of the problems that can arise when nursing home staff members act improperly. Whether behavior is malicious or purely in error, severe negative consequences are possible.

I opened the Law Office of S. Mark Mitchell, LLC more than 15 years ago to help people throughout Georgia obtain justice and fair compensation after suffering losses. If your loved one was hurt or mistreated in a nursing home, I can work to hold the responsible parties accountable. To schedule a legal consultation regarding a possible personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, call my Newnan office at 470-344-8550 or contact me online.